Ages 14-17 // Co-ed Program

Ages 14-17

Co-ed Program


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Teens & Leadership Summer Camps are memorable with tons of activities, great food and epic adventure! Geared towards Junior and Senior high school students, they are full of energy and all the best that Circle Square Ranch has to offer! We’ve got amazing facilities for you to explore horseback riding, wall climbing, archery, swimming, sports, and much more! In addition to all of this, will be great opportunities to learn more about God’s love and discuss what a relationship with Him could look like.
We also run leadership training programs for teens who are wanting to grow in character and leadership ability as well as to learn how to make a difference for Christ in their home communities.


Apply code for discount: EARLY20


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Campers will enjoy our 5 Star Level Horsemanship program, swimming, skate park, biking, archery, theme meals and cookouts. They will also spend time exploring the Bible through drama, daily devotions and the example of our caring staff. All weeks of camp finish up with a western-style, gymkhana rodeo for parents and friends.

We also offer Western Town camps for younger campers.

This four-week program is focused on recognizing, developing and expanding the leadership potential in young people. Participants will be given an edge that can help them adapt as a leader in any environment through skill development sessions, one-to-one mentoring, Biblical teaching, a two-week practicum, and a service trip to another ministry in Alberta. With our solid curriculum and practical, hands-on training, you will leave the program with new-found leadership skills and a deeper understanding and ownership of your faith.

Core Program Elements

  • Biblical teaching sessions & worship
  • Leadership skills sessions
  • Serving the community
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Leadership development through leading peers in discussion, program elements, and teaching activities
  • Participation in ranch community & practice leading campers (8-15 years old)
  • Caring for & leading campers directly in a 2 week placement
  • Service trip to another ministry in Alberta

Other Program Elements

  • Guys/Girls discussion times
  • Written reflections
  • Personal devotional time
  • Goal setting
  • Prayer in large and small group settings

Learning Goals

Through their experiences with these program elements, LIT’s grow in their understanding and development of:

  • Servant leadership & initiative
  • Christian community
  • Character development & self-awareness
  • Ownership of faith

Route 4:13 is a character building program for students 14-15 years old who are looking to go beyond the regular camp experience at Circle Square Ranch. This intensive 2 week program will challenge you towards a God-centered and God-empowered life. We take all the best aspects of camp: great friends, challenging sports, dynamic teaching, Christian fellowship, and worship and combine it with some great hang out time, practical training and spiritual leadership. We give you the opportunity to be led, taught, supported and challenged by Christian leaders who care about you and will help you to grow into the leader who Christ intends for you to be. You will learn new skills in areas of camp programming like horseback riding, wall climbing, canoeing, biking, archery and drama.

Your ultimate two week adventure begins with an outdoor camp-out. This provides you with an opportunity to bond as a group and to build relationships with other young people that will last a lifetime. Through hands on activities, you will learn to work as a team, develop your skills and support one another as you work towards a common goal. Teaching sessions, experience debriefs, exciting activities and a special banquet dinner will finish out your training.

Throughout Route 4:13 participants will grow in their relationship with God, develop their leadership skills and build on their natural gifts and abilities. In completing the program they will be more fully equipped to make a lasting difference in the world around them.

Oh, and the adventure doesn’t stop there! We look forward to having students return the following summer for our amazing Leadership Training Program, as they take the next step in lifelong leadership, in preparation for joining our incredible Circle Square Ranch staff team.

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13