Three Reasons Why We Send Our Son To Camp



– by Herbie Kuhn

Let me begin by setting the record straight: I love Jesus and I love sports! I believe that by loving Jesus wholeheartedly, He allows my passion for Him and for sports to intertwine, helping me grow as a man. I am mindful of keeping Him as the ‘main thing’.

I also really appreciate outdoor activities, being surrounded by nature (a.k.a. God’s creation!). I grew up a short walk from Lake Ontario and some of my deepest times of community with God have taken place by the water’s edge.

Also, learning about faith in community is vital to me for not only knowledge, but sharpening and accountability too. I love the sense of being part of something bigger than just me that comes with being part of a group or team.

So, when my wife and I were convinced that our son was ready for an overnight summer camp experience, all of those things came into play and camp was a logical choice. The fact that she made her decision for Christ while a teen at camp certainly helped too.

That said, I will keep it simple and straight-forward. Here are the three reasons why we send my son to camp!

  1. He is surrounded daily by caring, Christian staff who want to model their faith for the kids. This includes time spent daily learning about God through His Word and discussion.
  2. He gets to play, play and play some more! He gets to bounce, run, swing, swim, ride, shoot and all of the other things boys love to do! And most of it he gets to do outdoors, surrounded by God’s beauty in nature.
  3. At camp, he is surrounded by dozens of other boys of a similar age (did someone say positive peer pressure?) who are learning and experiencing the same Biblical values and activities. So cool! That teaches him about the value of community that is part of our spiritual DNA.

He’ll be back at camp this summer for the 3rd consecutive year. The first two times when we’ve picked him up and the end of the week he’s asked, “Can I stay”? That’s a sweet sound for us as parents! When our son is excited about learning about God in an awesome, fun environment, it’s a win-win situation.

Herbie Kuhn is a follower of Christ, a husband and a dad. He loves his sports and gets to have the best of both worlds as a chaplain with Athletes in Action. He and his family are currently attending Calvary Church in Toronto, Ontario.

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